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About the department

Organisation and strategy

The department is led and organized based on a close collaboration with Odense University Hospital

Our objective is to: 

  • Maintain and advance the Department of Clinical Research as a research institution that significantly influences patient care visibly.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing educating and conducting research at a distinguished international level in fields relevant to diagnosis, disease prevention, and treatment.
  • Sharing research findings with the public, healthcare professionals, and decision-makers.

Our expertise lies in...

...innovative clinical research focused on diseases that affect individual citizens, the population, or society at large. Our goal is to comprehend the:

  • Biomedical foundations
  • Prevalence in the population
  • Treatment, by integrating advanced biomedical and epidemiological research with intervention studies.

We engage in communiation and actively seek collaborations where we can contribute to driving possitive change.


All departments at SDU are obligated to have a department council with the purpose of involving employees and students in significant decisions at the department level. The department council is tasked with discussing and advising the institute's management on matters relevant to the department's development, organization, and finances.
  • Head of department Ole Skøtt (Chair)
  • Head of secretariat Vibeke Mortensen
  • Professor Christine Stabell Benn
  • Professor Dorthe Nielsen
  • Postdoc Sabrina Bech Mathiesen
  • PhD student Sólja Frida Remisdóttir Veyhe
  • Lab assistant Anni Schmidt Petersen
  • Research assistant Trine Aaquist
  • Research assistant Sebastian Nielsen

Faculty councils, boards, and committees

See the paragraph above

The Department of Clinical Research takes part in the Gender Equality Council at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Gender Equality Council 

The Department of Clinical Research is part of the Research Council of OUH.

Research Council OUH (in Danish)


Last Updated 20.11.2023