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Issue no. 52

Page 1: Eckhard Bick: "Annotating Emoticons and Emojis in a German-Danish Social Media Corpus for Hate Speech Research"

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Page 21:  Wenche A. Helland and Lillian Hollund Møllerhaug: "Assessing pragmatic competence in 18-to 47-months-old Norwegian children. A pilot study with the Language Use Inventory (LUI)".

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Page 39:  Anne Marie Hulgaard: "Kulturelt betingede kommunikative forskelle mellem dansk og tysk?". 

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Page 63: Sune Gregersen: Anmeldelse af Ebba Hjorth, Henrik Galberg Jacobsen, Bent Jørgensen, Birgitte Jacobsen, Merete Korvenius Jørgensen & Laurids Kristian Fahl (red.): "Dansk Sproghistorie 3: Bøjning og bygning".

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Last Updated 21.02.2024