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The Department Council

- the Department’s academic development work and strategies for research, education and knowledge sharing
the Department's contribution to the Faculty's strategy and development work
the Department’s organisation as regards research and the Faculty’s study programmes
the Department’s quality-assurance processes finances and budget, including external funding
recruitment policy in relation to research and the Faculty’s programmes
the physical and social environment for the staff and students
study environment and student well-being
management decisions

The composition of the Department Council

The Department Council consists of 12 members. The Head of Studies is an ex officio member. Five members are elected from among the Department’s academic staff and at least three of these must be published researchers of some standing. The Head of Department chairs the Department Council, and a deputy chair is elected from among the council’s three prominent researchers. Together they form a chairmanship that is responsible for the agenda, minutes and follow-ups on council decisions. Three members are elected from among the Department’s technical and administrative staff, as well as three students.

The term of office is four years for members of staff and two years for students.

Rules of Procedure

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Last Updated 19.02.2024