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Network and projects

SDU UP participates in several network groups at SDU, either as members or as coordinators. The focus of all networks is the exchange of ideas and experience about education and teaching at SDU.

Networks at SDU

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship network at SDU -
The focus for this network is themes regarding innovation and entrepreneurship in education and research at SDU.
The mission for the network is to share knowledge and good practices for inspiration and reflection, support co-creation between teachers, students and researchers, and support and influence an overall SDU mission on graduate competences.
Vision: To promote an entrepreneurial culture within multiple disciplines across faculties and subject areas at SDU.
To serve as an advisory board for vice-chancellor and deans on the network focus areas. 

Primary target group is SDU colleagues both VIP and TAP. Students are also welcome in the network and the activities.

Activities: Collaboration takes place through cross disciplinary meetings in the network consisting of presentations, workshops, cases, sharing of tools and methods, online facilities, panels etc. Such activities are meant to support the mission and are likewise intended to function as a room where participants can bring in cases from their own practice to be discussed and experimented with in collaboration with colleagues. The network members can also work proactively to analyse backgrounds for new suggestions within the E & I field on an institutional level.

Steering committee: The network has a steering committee which serves as the unit facilitating activities, online collaborative facilities, and announcements for the network activities. The steering committee representatives are VIP from various faculties and representatives from SDUUP and SDU RIO. Every member of the network can give input to ideas, activities as well as adjustment of this paper and the steering committee will respond to it. 

The steering committee members are: 
Martin Senderowitz, Faculty for Social science
Steffen Kjær Johansen, Technical Faculty
Cita Nørgård, SDU Center for Teaching and Learning

If you’d like information on the network, please contact: Cita Nørgård,

SDU UP's employees also participate in the following networks outside SDU.

Networks outside SDU

DUN - The Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education - link
DiP - Digital Pedagogy & Learning in Higher Education - link
DUEL - Danske Universiteters E-læringsnetværk - link (in Danish only)
BATL - Bias Aware Teaching and Learning - link
Learning for practical work, specifically laboratory and field worklink
Uddannelsesudvikling af videregående uddannelser - link (in Danish only)
UNIEN - Universiteternes Innovations- og Entreprenørskabspædagogiske Netværk - link (in Danish only)

Last Updated 15.05.2024