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About FAME

The purpose of FAME is to strengthen the research in the area by creating a forum in which senior economists and Ph.D. students can present intermediate results and extent their personal network. Further, the objective is to offer a comprehensive programme of Ph.D. courses. The aim is to promote all types of cooperation related to the management and economics.

Many Ph.D. students have participated in workshops and courses. We don’t know exactly how many students that have finalized their thesis, but medio 2007 13 Ph.D. students – financial supported directly by FAME - has completed their Ph.D. Project with success.

The main activities in FAME are workshops and Ph.D. courses. Since 2001 FAME has carried out 28 Workshops and Ph.D. Courses.


Centre for Fisheries & Aquaculture Management & Economics FAME University of Southern Denmark
  • Niels Bohrs Vej 9-10
  • Esbjerg - DK-6700
  • Phone: +45 6550 4144

Last Updated 20.09.2017