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Licenses for Animal Experiments

All animal experiments must be provided with the necessary permits from the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate and the Occupational Health Authorities if GMO organisms are used (see related links below).

Testing on vertebrate animals and embryos in the last trimester of development must be provided with a project license from the Animal Experiments Inspectorate which has to be applied for by researchers themselves via the inspectorate’s home page. Additionally a G-scheme must be submitted for each genetically modified strain or cross between two GMO mice, to be used in animal experiments, either in connection with the application of a license or as an extension of an existing one. Breeding of genetically modified strains or crosses between two or more GMO mice must be provided with a breeding license. Genetic engineering research projects must be approved by the occupational health authorities (Arbejdstilsynet) as well.

All animal experiments exceeding the so-called needle criterion or requiring isolation of animals in a period must be provided with a license from the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate. Moreover, when experiments include the use of genetically modified animals, the license must also include a G scheme for each used genetically modified strain. Breeding of genetically modified animals requires a breeding license, which the responsible investigator has to apply from the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate. Head of department Peter Bollen,, can give advice in the applications of licenses.

Guidance for application of licenses in AIRD (Animal Inspectorates Registration Database):