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Value to the company

The education lasts 4 years. During the training, the employee must have a contract for min. 25 hours per week with a relevant company. If the employment ceases on the way, the student can find a new relevant company or switch to full-time study and thus be able to obtain SU.

The education is free for the admitted candidates and the teaching is planned so that the teaching takes place in 1-2 days during a week. Physically, they will take place at SDU in Odense or in some cases campus Kolding.
The Industrial Master  program does not entitle to SU.

The student will specialize either in Manufacturing Technology or Global Supply Chain Management, and will thus bring the company the latest research-based knowledge.
The Manufacturing Technology profile can support companies' production engineering departments with:

  • to automate production units
  • to build complete or partially automated production systems
  • international logistics management across borders
  • building and managing global production networks.

The Global Supply Chain Development profile can contribute to the development of supplies / sourcing, distribution, the total value chain, eg:

  • product planning
  • product development
  • business development
  • development of global supply chains.

All project work during the study is or may be cases from the company. This gives the company new competences to ensure future production.

See the structure of the education here ( danish only)

Last Updated 12.10.2020