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SDU signs strategic cooperation with Indian super-university

SDU and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) have signed an agreement to establish an IITD-SDU Collaborative Platform. The platform benefits not only the two universities, but also both Denmark and India.

Large Danish growth locomotives such as Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) and Universal Robots have originated from SDU, but the Indian university IITD, which is ranked among the 50 best technical universities in the world, certainly does not hold back when it comes to generating unicorn companies.

Graduates from IITD are responsible for as many as 17 billion-dollar start-ups in the tech industry. The two universities have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

“IIT Delhi is recognised worldwide as an institution that, with a wealth of research and development areas, makes a crucial difference in relation to the big challenges the world is facing today. There is a huge overlap of interests between research groups at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU and IIT Delhi, which is why we are pleased and proud that we can now offer a number of grants to researchers from IITD and SDU, so that they can establish joint projects and work closely together," says Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at SDU, Henrik Bindslev.

With the agreement, researchers from IIT Delhi and SDU can seek funding for collaborative projects where the two universities provide financial support to the researchers.

It is expected that the interdisciplinary research groups will attract additional external funding to the two institutions and eventually establish further cooperation in joint research, scientific articles, patents and the development of new technologies.

Professor MSO, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, has been a key person and one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the formalised cooperation between IIT Delhi and SDU.

“It has been a pleasure and great honour to contribute to the success of this cooperation. With strong forces from both universities, I look forward to the activities being very soon streamlined and implemented," says Yogendra Kumar Mishra.

Yogendra Kumar Mishra, who is affiliated with SDU NanoSYD and The Mads Clausen Institute, organised a virtual seminar and matchmaking event in early 2021 where researchers from the two universities could come together on common fields of interest and research.

Editing was completed: 22.11.2021