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Ali Khosravi receives seven million kroner for optimization of power-to-X systems

Ali Khosravi, Associate Professor at the Center for Industrial Mechanics, has received a prestigious Villum Young Investigator grant of seven million kroner.

By Sune Holst, , 1/23/2024

Researcher Ali Khosravi from SDU in Sønderborg is one of 18 young research talents receiving grants totalling 132 million kr. from the Villum Foundation's Young Investigator program today.

Optimization of Power-to-X Systems
Ali Khosravi's 'DDPTX: Deciphering the Dynamics of Power-to-X Systems' project focuses on Power-to-X systems (PtX), which use electricity from wind turbines or solar panels to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be converted into green fuel for trucks, planes, and ships.

By integrating PtX systems with the district heating network and developing new models for these systems, young researcher Ali Khosravi from the University of Southern Denmark will optimize the production of green fuels. This is much needed, as even though we are getting more and more renewable electricity, we still need liquid fuels in our energy system.

"It's not just a great honour to receive this grant; it's also a crucial moment in my research career. It's also recognition of the work my team and I have done in Power-to-X systems," says a grateful Ali Khosravi.

The researcher further explains that the financial backing is a catalyst that will advance Ali Khosravi and his team's research, allowing them to delve deeper into unexplored areas of renewable energy and the integration of artificial intelligence.

"Specifically, the money allows us to attract talented PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. It also gives us the necessary tools and equipment to conduct the research important to the green transition," says Ali Khosravi.

Green Fuel is Crucial for a Sustainable Future
Power-to-X (PtX) systems are crucial for the green transition as they enable efficient storage and use of renewable energy. By improving these systems, Ali Khosravi's research helps make renewable energy more practical and accessible, essential for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and combating climate change.

"In the short term, this can lead to more efficient and economically viable PtX systems, accelerating the implementation of renewable energy technologies. This immediately benefits the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting cleaner air. In the long term, the research can significantly shape the energy landscape. Making renewable energy more reliable and cost-effective can transform how we supply our homes, industries, and transport systems. This could significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and help meet international climate goals," explains Ali Khosravi.

The Eye of the Needle
The foundation received 142 applications for the program. The 18 researchers who made it through the eye of the needle underwent academic assessment, interviews with the foundation's scientific committee, and final approval by the foundation's board. The gender distribution among the applicants is 79 per cent men and 21 per cent women, while among the grant recipients, it is 72 per cent men and 28 per cent women.

The new Villum Young Investigators are distributed across seven Danish universities: Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark, Roskilde University, and the IT University of Copenhagen.

"At Villum Foundation, we work to support the universities in creating research environments at a high international level by attracting and retaining talented, younger Danish and foreign researchers through our Young Investigator program. The young researchers get the opportunity to create an independent profile and pursue the ideas they are most passionate about," says Thomas Bjørnholm, Research Director at the Villum Foundation."

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Editing was completed: 23.01.2024