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The Advisory Board: Master programmes


Mette Munk, OJ Electronics Ltd.

Rasmus Anker Møller, South Denmark European Office

Anders Ladefoged, Confederation of Danish Industry

Ilona Pilgaard, Lachenmeier Monsun Ltd.)

Anna Marie Rasmussen, The regional authorities of Southern Denmark

Among other things our main focus is to

Ensure a close dialogue with institutions and companies that – in the broadest sense – are employers or potential employers of our European Studies graduates

  • Ensure that our graduates have a level of knowledge and skill that meets the needs of the institutions and companies and the market
  • Influence and provide advice as to how to develop and improve the BSc and MSc programmes in European Studies
  • Ensure a broad contact with institutions and companies
  • Provide institutions and companies with the possibility to form networks


Please direct any question to Head of Studies, Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich, via

Excerpt of concerning advisory boards taken from The Act on Universities, Consolidation Act no. 367 of 25/03/2013

13 a.-(1) The university establishes one or more advisory boards composed of external members. Together, the members must have experience with and insight into the degree programmes and the labour market for which they prepare graduates.

(2) The university ensures dialogue between the advisory boards and the university about the quality of the degree programmes and their relevance to society, and must involve employer panels in the development of new and existing programmes and the development of new methods of teaching and evaluation.

(3) In addition to the responsibilities prescribed by the by-laws, the advisory boards may issue statements and make recommendations to the university about all matters relating to the area of education. The advisory board must issue statements regarding all questions submitted to it by the university.

(4) The university may establish advisory boards under subsection (1) in collaboration with other universities.

the Act on Universities

Last Updated 21.02.2018