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Three researchers are heading for new goals

Three researchers with extraordinary potential have been selected for the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences’ Talent Track, which supports young researchers in pursuing innovative ideas. Meet the researchers here.

By Marlene Jørgensen, , 9/16/2021

Recently, three researchers at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at SDU had some good news.

They will be part of the ‘SAMF Talent Track’, which was launched last year to promote the development of talent among the faculty’s most talented young researchers.

The three researchers who will now join the Talent Track and thus get an even better opportunity to work on their visionary ideas are Anna Schneider-Kamp, Kim Andersen and Mette Søgaard Nielsen.

Sten Rynning, Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, looks forward to following the new research talents.

- It is absolutely crucial to support a number of research talents on their way to making pioneering contributions, both for the benefit of their own research, the research environment at SAMF and society in general. We are talking about three very promising researchers and projects that have the potential to address significant societal challenges, and it will be interesting to see how far they will go, he says.

Get an insight into the researchers’ ideas and contributions to research below.

The mechanisms of inequality in health

The view on health and disease has changed radically over the years, and sociological and anthropological aspects are crucial in order to understand new trends and discourses within the healthcare system. And these are the perspectives that Anna Schneider-Kamp’s research seeks to educate us about, both in relation to the question of empowerment, perceived resistance in the relationship between doctor and patient and the digitalisation of the healthcare system and the resulting consequences.

Anna Schneider-Kamp’s intention is to contribute to an even better understanding of the sociocultural processes and mechanisms that affect inequality in health.

Anna Schneider-Kamp is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business & Management and is affiliated with the research initiative Human Health across SDU.

Read more about Anna’s research and visions here.


When people avoid news

The focal point of Kim Andersen’s research is people’s consumption of news – or lack of it – and how it affects their political beliefs and commitment. He has, in fact, decided to investigate why some people do not consume news.

One ambition is to contribute with a nuanced understanding of the causes and consequences of this news avoidance, but first and foremost, Kim Andersen would like to understand how these people can again be connected to journalism.

Kim Andersen is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Journalism and part of the newly established Digital Democracy Centre at SDU.

Read more about Kim’s research and visions here.


The importance of networking for entrepreneurs

Mette Søgaard Nielsen is interested in entrepreneurs and how they use and are influenced by the social networks they are part of. Therefore, she examines the different forms of exchange and support that entrepreneurs encounter online as well as offline and their significance for both the relation and the entrepreneurs’ behaviour, personal abilities and emotional world.

It is particularly important to explore new ways of understanding how social support and encouragement unfold, work and influence entrepreneurs at a time when many exchanges have moved online, and we are interacting in new ways.

Mette Søgaard Nielsen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, and as the first researcher at the faculty, she was awarded one of the prestigious Young Researcher Fellowships from the Carlsberg Foundation last year.

Read more about Mette’s research and visions here.


This is what Talent Track is all about

With the admission to the Talent Track, Anna Schneider-Kamp, Kim Andersen and Mette Søgaard Nielsen will get individual career plans, and during the process, they will collaborate with a mentor who is an experienced and recognised researcher.

In addition, Talent Track is also a forum where it is possible for research talents to network and discuss research questions and experiences with each other.

A total of 11 researchers are now part of the faculty’s Talent Track.

Talent Track

Talent Track is an initiative at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at SDU, which supports young researchers with extraordinary potential. For each participant, individual activities are prepared to boost their career. The initiative is also a forum for networking and knowledge sharing among the faculty’s emerging research talents.

Read more about Talent Track

Meet the researchers

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