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More than DKK 15 million for research in biochemistry and molecular biology

Five researchers from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have received more than DKK 15 million in total for further development of their research. The grants are all from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

By Majken Brahe Ellegaard Christensen, , 1/11/2019

Shortly before Christmas, Novo Nordisk Foundation announced the names of the researchers who received a positive response on their grant applications. Several researchers from the Science Faculty received the positive feedback on the receipt of research funding.

Professor Jens Andersen received the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Challenge Program grant of DKK 12.6 million. The grant will be used to research the structure and function of the exosome, which is an RNA-degrading complex. The project is a collaboration between Torben Heick Jensen from Aarhus University, who is the main applicant, and Elena Conti from the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, Germany.

Additionally, Assistant Professor Kedar Natarajan and postdoc Rasmus Siersbæk each received 1.5 million for research on embryonic development and breast cancer, respectively. With this grant, Natarajan will investigate new single-cell genomics methods for analyzing single and multicellular data during embryonic development. Siersbæk looks forward to using his grant to investigate how genes are regulated in particularly aggressive breast cancer to understand how this type of cancer develops.

Professor Blagoy Blagoev investigates the mechanisms that control the ability of human cells to create the diverse cell types in our bodies. He has received DKK 2.1 million to further develop his research.

Jakob Møller-Jensen  is head of department at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB). He says:

I am extremely happy and proud of the multiple great grants for the department's staff. Many of the grants have been given to our young generation of emerging scientists, who thus gain important support in establishing their careers. Now, new advanced equipment must be purchased and highly specialized scientific staff employed to make new exciting discoveries.

At BMB, our justification is in the natural sciences and we examine the cellular processes that underlie disease development in humans. I see the support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation as an acknowledgment that the institute conducts research of high international class.”

Dean ad interim at the Science Faculty, Marianne Holmer, is also enthusiastic:

It is fantastic that BMB has received so many grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for a wide range of research projects. It is especially nice to see both young and established researchers represented among the grant recipients. It shows the many opportunities at the Novo Nordisk Foundation.”

In addition to those mentioned, Professor Susanne Mandrup has received DKK 60 million for research into obesity, and Associate Professor Jonathan Brewer has received DKK 12.3 million for research into "bioimaging infrastructure". The two grants are also from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Editing was completed: 11.01.2019