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New collaboration puts drones and robots on the timetable at high school

11 January was a big day for pupils at Mulernes Legatskole. On that day LSUL, the Faculty of Science, the Drone Centre at the Faculty of Engineering, the University Library of Southern Denmark and Mulernes Legatskole signed an agreement to focus on drones and robots in the Odense high school's new study line in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

By Trine Søndergaard,

The aim of the agreement is to strengthen high school students' interest in scientific and technical subjects and study lines. Ideally, the students' interest will motivate them to choose a career in the field.

"We consider theory and practice with drones and robots to be an important part of modern general development, which is why the ambition is to include this subject area in all of the other subjects for the benefit of the students' learning and general development," says Torben Jakobsen, Principal of Mulernes Legatskole.

"This collaboration is a unique opportunity to bring research and teaching practice closer together and in this way integrate knowledge from the newest research about drones and robots into teaching," explains Brad Beach, Head of the SDU Drone Centre.

"Our initiative with the collaboration should also be seen as an invitation to all educational institutions, from daycare to school and youth education. At LSUL we don't just read the many reports and recommendations the education sector receives from ministries and boards about strengthening the scientific subjects - we act on them. And the ambition is to revolutionise teaching in the scientific subjects", says Claus Michelsen, Centre Leader of LSUL.

3-year collaboration

During the visionary collaboration, the partners will together develop and change the way in which mathematics, science and technology are taught.

This will be implemented during the 3-year agreement, which puts drones and robots on the timetable in the high school's new study line as a professional and educational tool for application-oriented and authentic teaching.

Editing was completed: 24.01.2018