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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology re-certified by My Green Lab

Two years after the original My Green Lab certification, BMB can be pleased that all sections are moving up several levels on the coveted certification ladder within sustainable laboratory operations.

By Mikkel Linnemann Johansson, , 12/20/2023

Three of BMB's sections now receive the best possible certification, Green, while the other two sections receive Gold and Platinum, respectively.

- This is an impressive result, says head of department Jakob Møller-Jensen.

According to him, the process has required hard work and a broad cooperation between the scientific and the technical-administrative staff.

- It has been a good process and has given us something to gather around at the department. And it has been an effort that has led to a result that everyone can be proud of, he says and takes the opportunity to send a special thanks to Vibeke Jørgensen, who has taken on the role of Green Lab department coordinator.

Project manager Marianne Due, who initially helped secure the Green Lab certification at BMB two years ago, has also been involved in this round and is very happy with the result.

- In this case, we can simply say that we chose to nurture and water, is what we now see blossoming and growing, she says.

All five sections on BMB are making significant progress in scores

Bioimaging: 62% (Gold) in 2021 to 93% (Green) in 2023.
Biomedical Mass Spec & Systems Bio: 59% (Silver) in 2021 to 85% (Green) in 2023.
Functional Genomics and Metabolism: 57% (Silver) in 2021 to 78% (Platinum) in 2023.
Molecular Microbiology: 49% (Bronze) in 2021 to 67% (Gold) in 2023.
Translational Biology: 58% (Silver) in 2021 to 87% (Green) in 2023.

Marianne Due explains that in the intervening period from the first certification to the re-certification here two years later, there has been constant attention to the project, which has contributed to the progress.

- There has been incredible goodwill all round among all those involved, she says.

Today, Marianne Due runs the SDU Green Lab project across the entire university. Here, there is important knowledge to be gained from the collaboration between, among others, the faculties, Technical Service, SDU Precurement and Tendering. Knowledge that has been better utilized now compared to two years ago.

It takes effort

At the same time, BMB has created an organization around the Green Lab effort with representatives from all five sections, the purchasing office and the workshop as well as a Green Lab department coordinator.

- This has led to a broad focus on all aspects that can make laboratory operations more sustainable, which is absolutely crucial because in the certification you are assessed on everything from purchases to waste and energy consumption in a 360-degree evaluation, explains Marianne Due.

It is therefore also a great many different efforts, large and small, that have collectively contributed to the department's progress.

According to head of department Jakob Møller-Jensen, this has only been possible because of the great commitment and broad cooperation.

- Sustainability in our laboratory operations has become important to us. It's something we're committed to doing well, and we want to help lead the way, he says

Therefore, the department has also engaged in a new network collaboration with Life Science Fyn and surrounding companies to inspire and support the continued development within sustainable laboratory operations. Both within and outside the university's own domain.

Editing was completed: 20.12.2023