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Research themes

Cognitive and relational competencies

  • Promoting communicative, cognitive, relational and existential competencies among healthcare professionals

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Digital competencies and communication

  • Use of digital technology and competencies to support patient-experienced quality and action competence in the local healthcare system 
  • Implications of digitisation for the relationship between healthcare professionals, patients and relatives 

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Language and culture

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on the patient at the centre
  • How inequality in healthcare can be reduced by taking into account linguistic, cultural and social differences

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Art and narratives

  • How reading and writing literature can promote mutual understanding among citizens, patients, relatives, and healthcare professionals
  • How literature can strengthen the communicative competencies of healthcare professionals and the health of citizens and patients

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Ethics, prioritisation and user involvement

  • How prioritisation, user involvement and welfare measurement can create value in the healthcare system and support self-determination for citizens, patients, and relatives