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New Master's programme in Physics and Technology in Sønderborg

In 2024, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) will launch a new Master's degree programme in Physics and Technology in Sønderborg. The programme allows graduates to work in fields such as energy technology, nanotechnology or medical technology.

By Sune Holst (translated by Zora Rubahn), , 4/18/2023

Minister for Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund has just approved 13 new degree programmes, including a Master's degree programme in Physics and Technology at SDU's campus in Sønderborg, starting in 2024. 

"The programme will have a strong focus on materials science, which is a field of crucial importance for the green transition. The development of new, sustainable materials can play a key role in addressing the challenges we face," says Henrik Bindslev, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at SDU.  


Physics and Technology at SDU is an excellent option for young people interested in pursuing a career in engineering. The combination of materials science and advanced technologies will provide students with a unique skill set that will be in high demand in the years to come. 

Local industrial giant rejoices 
Today, when Danfoss delivers products, it does so with a significantly lower climate impact than before. The company has improved the climate efficiency of its production by 42 per cent since 2007. This means that the company can produce the same goods with a significantly lower carbon footprint, thus helping to drive the green transition forward. In this context, it is appreciated that Physics and Technology is now being offered at SDU in Sønderborg, as new technologies can help to further reduce the carbon footprint. 

For Danfoss, it is good news that we in the local area will have the opportunity to attract and train experts in, among other things, new materials technology. This plays a crucial role in meeting the future challenges of reducing CO2 in the products that Danfoss develops and manufactures. There is great potential in using new materials that have an overall smaller carbon footprint. Danfoss will thus be in a stronger competitive position to support Danfoss customers' CO2 emission reductions

Troels Petersen, Senior Vice President M&A at Danfoss

The Physics and Technology programme provides students with the skills needed to help businesses and communities develop solutions for the future. By emphasising cutting-edge technologies such as sensor technology, quantum technology and nanophysics, students will gain the necessary skills to work on complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

Editing was completed: 18.04.2023