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More than 1000 young people want to study engineering at SDU

With an increase of 15%, SDU's Faculty of Engineering has beaten the record for the number of first priority applicants to the University's engineering study programmes.

In the past few days, there has really been something to celebrate at SDU's Faculty of Engineering, which accommodates the University's engineering study programmes. This year, over 1000 young people have chosen SDU as the place where they want to study engineering. It is the first time in the Faculty's history that the number of so-called first priority applicants is so high, and naturally this brings a big smile to the face of Henrik Bindslev, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering:
- I won't deny that the number 1000 has always been something of a magic applicant number for us. So this is very, very positive, he says.

Study programmes with good job opportunities in the future

The exact number of applicants is 1010, spread evenly between BEng and BSc programmes. However, there has been a particularly large number of applications to 5 of the study programmes: BSc in Engineering (Software Engineering); BSc in Engineering (Robot Systems); BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing; BEng in Civil Engineering; and BEng in Mechatronics. The last mentioned is situated in Sønderborg.

- All study programmes are tailored to provide the competences that industry is currently screaming out for. I see this as a clear sign that the young people who have just applied have been conscious of choosing study programmes with good future job prospects, says Henrik Bindslev.

New building at central campus

Just under one year ago, the Faculty of around 400 staff and 3500 students moved from Niels Bohrs Allé to a brand new building located at the University's main campus in Odense.

And Henrik Bindslev is convinced that the large central campus with its rich student life and the outstanding new building's laboratories and workshops with modern facilities have also contributed to the high number of applicants.

- Many staff members have worked incredibly hard on attracting new engineering students. And when we talk to the young people, and they meet the researchers and teachers, and see the laboratories and surroundings overall, they really want to study here, he says.

However, with 15% more students there could be more pressure on the facilities in the new building.
- We'll have to be prepared to squeeze up a little. But this falls into the category of a luxury problem, says Henrik Bindslev.

For more information contact:
Dean Henrik Bindslev
Mobile: 9350 7110
Director of Studies Henning Andersen
Mobile: 2778 7301

Editing was completed: 07.07.2016