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Lundbeck - Postdoc

Deadline - 9th of November, 2022
Amount - 2.4 mio DKK for 3 years

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Webpage: Lundbeck - LF Postdocs

About the grant 
The Lundbeck Foundation has a strategic goal to make Denmark a frontrunner in the field of neuroscience by funding Danish-based research that promotes a better understanding of the brain and better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of brain disorders.
At the same time, our grants must help to ensure that Denmark has the best graduates and scientists at all career levels in the fields of biomedical, clinical and health sciences in Denmark.
The Lundbeck Foundation Postdoc Call invite applicants from any research field to submit proposals with potential short- or long-term benefits for the advancement of neuroscience and/or therapies for nervous system disorders. The Lundbeck Foundation encourages diversity at all levels. It is therefore important that we receive applications from as many qualified scientists as possible, from all backgrounds.
This programme supports:
1. Scientists in Denmark who wish to conduct research at a research institution outside Denmark for up to 36 months (and no less than 12 months) and who plan to return to Denmark to continue their research.
2. Scientists from abroad who wish to conduct research in an established Danish research
environment. Scientists from abroad that already have a research position in Denmark are eligible if the employment is from March 2022 or later.
3 Scientists in Denmark who wish to continue to conduct research within their current affiliated research environment and already have had at least 3 years of PhD, postdoctoral and/ or industrial training in another research environment and/or on a different research topic.
The Foundation prioritises proposals that include lengthy international research experience.
Research theme
Advancements in neuroscience often develop from cross-disciplinary interaction, leading to novel insights into biological mechanisms, trial design, emerging technologies, etc.
The grants may cover any research field with a potential short- or long-term benefit for the advancement of neuroscience and/or therapies for nervous system disorders. The term ‘neuroscience’ is used here in its broadest sense, including medical, technical, natural and social sciences, as well as humanities.
Who can apply?
Applicants must:
- Have obtained a PhD or be able to document that they are expected to gain their PhD within six months of the application deadline.
- Have obtained their PhD less than four years before the application deadline (calculated from the date on the PhD diploma). Rules for leave of absence apply
Which proposals are eligible?
Postdoc projects may be fully based in Denmark at Danish non-commercial research institutions or be based at a non-commercial research institution outside Denmark. The entire grant must be managed by a Danish non-commercial research institution.
How much?
The Lundbeck Foundation is allocating up to DKK 40 million to this programme. The grants are worth up to DKK 800,000 per year. 10% of the budget can be reserved for project-related, indirect costs. If at least six consecutive months are spent at a foreign research institution 8% of the budget covering the period can be reserved for project-related, indirect costs at the foreign research institution. 2% of the budget covering the period can be reserved for project-related, indirect costs at the Danish host institution.
Grants cannot be used to substitute salaries covered by existing contracts. This postdoc salary must comply with the collective agreement applicable to the Danish host institution and includes centrally negotiated allowances and pension. Grants are for two to three years.
If at least 12 months (which may be split into a maximum of three separate visits) are spent abroad, applicants may apply for an additional DKK 100,000 as a lump sum to cover expenses associated with travel, accommodation, etc. In combination with the relocation costs, applicants with children may apply for additional support of DKK 50,000 per accompanying child per year (i.e. DKK 4166 per accompanying child per month).
The DKK 100,000 relocation costs and the additional child support must be clearly stated in the budget as a separate item.