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Putting Jellyfish on an Interdisciplinary Agenda

As an ardent explorer of the intricate marine ecosystem, I am passionately invested in studying the fas-cinating interplay between the food web and functional biodiversity. Specifically, I am captivated by the astounding ability of gelatinous zooplankton to usurp the top predator position and initiate a bloom, which is why I am extending an invitation to ambitious MSC candidates to join my team and explore one of the following topics.

1) to unravel the secrets of the benthic stages of gelatinous zooplankton, exposing their hidden lives to the world. 
2) to pioneer the development of early warning systems to combat invasive jellyfish and mitigate their destructive effects. 
3) to push the boundaries of scientific discovery by exploring the evolution of ocean colors and unlocking the potential of jellyfish to enhance our understanding of this process. 
4) to explore the fascinating impact of light pollution on non-visual predators, and the potential benefits to gelatinous zooplankton that could arise from this phenomenon.

Moreover, I am always eager to collaborate and integrate other fields of study such as socio-economy, history, media, and more, to facilitate a more holistic understanding of our marine ecosystem. If you share my passion for exploring the depths of the ocean and unearthing its secrets, let's join forces and embark on a journey of discovery that will revolutionize the way we view our world.

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Associate Professor Jamileh Javidpour



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Last Updated 22.08.2023