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WP2: B-VLOS Safety and Mission Certification

Currently all B-VLOS flights requires an airworthiness assessment to get air traffic permission by the European Aviation safety Agency (2015). These assessment methods are however developed for assessing manned flight. It is therefore paramount for the commercialization of drones, that we get a simplified, more systematic and case-specific assessment protocol for unmanned flight.

The objective of WP 2 is to provide an empirically tested methodology and a framework for airworthiness assessments based on drone configuration, environment, scenario of the operation, protocols, mission procedures etc.

 Safety analysis information for the project will be radar data providing traffic volume information and the potential for collision in the test-case areas.  FreeD project plan to set up a X-Band radar at HCA Airport to assess traffic patterns an thereby assigning non-traffic air space for drones, and to triangulate with ground-based radars and ensure X-Band radar calibration and effective tracking of real-time drone flight coordinates.

 FreeD will investigate the use of X-Band radar as the standard ground-based radar to ensure collision avoidance.


Last Updated 10.07.2020