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FreeD Work Packages 1-7 (WP)


WP1: Management
SDU is lead partner of FreeD project.

WP2: B-VLOS Safety and Mission Certification:
The objective of WP 2 is to provide an empirically tested methodology and a framework for airworthiness assessments based on drone configuration, environment, scenario of the operation, protocols, mission procedures etc.

WP3: Failsafe Module
The objective of WP 3 is to develop a lightweight and low-power fault-tolerant fail-safe module that adds support for redundant subsystems and thereby increases the airworthiness of the drone.

WP4: Reliable Communication
Developing a reliable command and Control (C2) link for B-VLOS operations focusing on Radio Line of Sight (R-LOS) as defined by the Earth curvature to a maximum of app. 50 km.

WP5: Sense and Avoid
The objective of WP5 is to develop sensor hardware and software components for sensor data processing and avoidance behavior.

WP6:  Integrated Test
The purpose of WP6 is to conduct a series of integrated tests as a result of the safety-case assessment and B-VLOS certification formulated in WP2 and supported by research and development in WP 3-5.

WP7: Dissemination and Technology Transfer
Results and experiences from the FreeD project will be disseminated through publications, media, cooperation with industrial partners, students activities and an annual international UAS competition hosted by SDU and HCA Airport.

Last Updated 10.07.2020