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Brad Beach, FreeD Project Leader, SDU UAS Center
Kjeld Jensen, SDU UAS Center
Martin Skriver, SDU UAS Center
Ulrik Pagh SchultzSDU UAS Center
John Hallam, SDU Embodied Systems for Robotics and Learning
Jerome Jouffroy, SDU Mechatronics
Mette Præst Knudsen , Centre for Integrative Innovation Management
Marianne Frederiksen, Centre for Integrative Innovation Management
Norbert Krüger, SDU Robotics
Sonja Ruhnke, TEK Innovation (Maternity Leave)
Annika Lindberg, email: akl@tek.sdu.dkTEK Innovation

Since 2011 Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA Airport) has worked on developing UAS Test Center Denmark, a leading test center in Europe. In the project HCA Airport contributes with designated airspace for live testing, approvals etc. and safety case/airworthiness standard development.

Kim Kenlev


DTCA is responsible for regulation of transport and construction in Denmark. Their main contribution will be to advise the FreeD project on new drone regulations being formulated by EU and member states as they pertain to BVLOS operations.

Explicit contributes with the central test platform and case (monitoring ship emissions for the purpose of regulatory enforcement). Testing will be based on the existing hardware and software platform developed by Explicit.

Jon Knudsen

Bettina Knudsen

Terma is a world-leading radar sensor supplier. They contribute with expertise and knowledge on radars and detect and avoid technologies and support with knowledge on airspace and safe operations.

Thomas Jensen                  


Preben Schmidt Nielsen


Steen Trier

Oxford University is a world leading university ranked #1 in Europe. Torr's Vision Group develops mathematical theories for computer vision and artificial intelligence. Contributes with unique expertise on object recognition and 3D reconstruction of the environment for sense and avoid Technologies.

Philip Torr

Christian Schroeder de Witt



Delta (Force Technology) contributes with existing test facilities and competencies within wireless communication, antenna design, test and evaluation and reliability testing of failsafe hardware and software.

Anders Mynster

Henrik Hassing


Lise Korfitzen


Naviair is responsible for Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Denmark and contributes with expertise and knowledge on ATM and how to integrate drones into the the non-segregated airspace. Naviair also support actual flight tests and development of safety case framework for airworthiness of drones.

Jens Christian Skinneholm

Steen Myhre Erichsen

Rotorcam contributes with test platform and case for the test iterations 2 and 3. The Rotorcam drone is a custom-built hybrid quadcopter designed for increased endurance, payload lift, and stable flight performance. The drone combines VTOL capabilities with long endurance flight (up to 5 hours) while maintaining a payload lift capacity. The quad frame ensures stability and robustness while also enabling maneuverability and precision in the air.

Søren Jørgensen


Last Updated 10.07.2020