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About SDU Robotics

SDU Robotics conducts research within the fields of cognitive and applied robotics. Our aim is to work on research problems from real robotics applications and also apply the results in industry and elsewhere. 

We have a long research tradition for close collaboration with industry on production applications addressing robot solutions involving sensorial processing, mathematical modeling, learning and simulation. More recently SDU Robotics has expanded its research area to include welfare and medical robotics. 

SDU Robotics offers research on a high international level conducted through a number of research projects. Furthermore, we are strongly involved in the Master's education programmes in Robot Systems Engineering with an intake of close to 100 students per year.


If you are interested in collaboration or want to know more about SDU Robotics – please contact Professor Henrik Gordon Petersen, tel.: (+45) 60112324, email:

Last Updated 05.02.2020