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PhD Projects

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Improving the comfort of crew and passengers on board ships
PhD Student Elma Ramic

Topology optimisation for high heat flux applications
PhD Student Amirhossein Bayat

Condition monitoring of vessels to identify high-exposure operations
PhD Student Casper Aaskov Drangsfeldt

Digital Twins of Axial Piston Pumps (APPs) for Machine
Learning based Condition Monitoring

PhD Student Vijayasankar Irissappane

Unterwater broadband noise emissions from cavitating propellers,
PhD Student Leonie Föhring

Fatigue Analysis of Additively Manufactured Titanium Components
PhD Student Deborah Kaschube


A Novel Node Design using High Strength Steel for Jacket Structure,
PhD Student Mikkel Løvenskjold Larsen

Analysis and Design Optimization of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System based on Phase Change Material Climate Modules, 
PhD Student Hafiz Muhammad Adeel Hassan

Analysis of Heated Urea-water Solution Droplets for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
PhD Student Daniyal Khan

Analytical Fatigue Life Assessment of a Full Scale Wind Turbine Test Bench
PhD Student Nimai Domenico Bibbo

Experimental Fatigue Life Assessment of a Full Scale Wind Turbine Test Bench
PhD Student Jesper Berntsen

System Identification of Aeroelastic Parameter-varying Systems using Real-time Operational Modal Analysis
PhD Student Goran Jelicic 

Methodology for Determination of Vibration Damping of an Offshore Wind Turbine Supporting Structure,
PhD Student Jonas Gad Kjeld

Autonomous Ships from the Perspective of Operation and Maintenance,
PhD Student Stig Eriksen

Fatigue Strength of Welded Thin Steel Structures
PhD Student Tobias Pawlowitz

Robust Identification of Modal Parameters of Nonlinear and Time Variant Systems,
PhD Student Karsten Krautwald Vesterholm

Vibration and Strain Monitoring of an Offshore Structure,
PhD Student Silas Sverre Christensen

Fatigue Strength of  Weld Seams at a Structural Health Monitored Offshore Platform,
PhD Student Michael Krenzel

Damping Estimation in Operational Modal Analysis
PhD Student Esben Orlowitz 

Estimation of condition and remaining useful lifetime for oil lubricated machinery in ships,
PhD Student Morten Henneberg

Last Updated 10.05.2024