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Internship Programme of Civil and Architectural Engineering

The structural engineering research group focuses on developing models for design and calculation of civil and building structures. The group has a special focus on developing design models and assessment methods that can be used in practice. This often requires both experimental and theoretical research in order to develop evidence for the developed models. The experimental research is conducted in our structural engineering laboratory, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing experimental research on structures. The research of the group involves traditional structures, innovative structures and assessment of the structural safety of existing structures. Within these domains, the research group is currently active within concrete and timber structures.

Internship Responsibilities

Depending on the interests and qualifications of the applicant, and on the current activities and priorities of the Structural Research Group, tailor-made internship programme and activities will be agreed with the successful applicants.

Current Priority Topics for the Internship

  • Shear in structural concrete;
  • Shear in prestressed concrete;
  • Structural performance of printed concrete;
  • Serviceability design of concrete wall connections;
  • Design and strength of concrete wall connections;
  • Strengthening of existing concrete structures;
  • Residual load-carrying capacity of existing concrete structures.

Submission and Enquiries

To submit applications and for enquiries about internships in Structural Engineering please address Associate Professor Henrik Brøner Jørgensen:

For enquiries use “Internship Enquiries” as the subject line. For applications use “Internship Application” as the subject line.

Please carefully follow the application procedure as listed here.

Structural Engineering at SDU

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Last Updated 22.08.2023