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About SDU Digital and High-Frequency Electronics

Robotic technologies are growing rapidly, especially in performing autonomous operations in hard-to-reach areas in dangerous environments that may endanger human workers. Building a robot that can reach and operate in such areas and be able to provide similar results as humans are extremely complex and require careful design consideration to cope with the robot’s limited computational and energy resources.

Currently, robotics, aviation, and automotive devices contain more than 60% of electronic components to perform their semi-autonomous tasks. Soon, advanced embedded systems will be the key technology for the development of fully autonomous systems.

We envision the future of electronic devices especially in robots, drones, and IoT to have an embedded platform “the brain” that will be highly optimized, reconfigurable, efficient, and capable of executing sophisticated tasks in real-time to meet the application needs.

Our vision is to building a pioneering section in digital and high-frequency electronics that enrich its core knowledge from cutting-edge research projects while offering up-to-date education to all of its students.


Last Updated 19.02.2024