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SDU’s staff psychologist can be contacted via the staff website.

If you are a PhD student, you can take advantage of the PhD School’s coaching offer.

Coaching can benefit PhD students who have become stuck in the process, as well as PhD students who wish to work on their weaknesses, develop their strengths and increase their motivation.

Coaching is a clarification process that aims to help the focus person identify challenges, set realistic goals and find good solutions. This is done through structured dialogue and targeted questions.

Coaching should not be confused with the academic supervision provided by the PhD supervisor. A coach does not give advice or academic input unless asked for by the focus person. By contrast, the coach acts as a catalyst for the self-reflection of the focus person.

The PhD coaching consists of a series of one-on-one sessions. The number of sessions and the interval between them are based on the needs of the individual. I typically meet with the PhD student for 1-6 sessions of approximately 60-90 minutes.

Recurring issues in my coaching of PhD students include writing block, time management, structure of the working day, stress, planning, focus, motivation, work-life balance, challenges related to teaching and supervision, feelings of personal and academic insecurity and the need to find new ways out of situations of deadlock. You decide what the focus of your coaching will be.

You are welcome to contact me at the e-mail address below if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

PhD coaching is anonymous and free of charge.

Best regards,
Nina Nørgaard
Associate Professor, PhD, certified coach
Department of Language and Communication
University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Tel.: +45 6550 2196

Office: click here (on 1st floor)

Last Updated 04.06.2021