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Material Stock Analysis of Odense City


Miina Mälgand

Masters Thesis - Environmental Engineering - 2017

Within material flow analysis (MFA) it is estimated that only 20-30% of material inputs to cities leave as out(waste)flows and 60% stay within the system as stocks. For predicting potential secondary resource streams but also for sustainable long-term urban planning, it is imperative to understand the magnitude-, material composition and spatial distribution of current stocks. This research effort is a contribution to the growing body of material stock analysis studies and aims at estimating the material stock of the city of Odense. A bottom-up stock estimation approach is used estimating the building, road- and sewer pipeline stock using statistics and geo-spatial information. A total tonnage of material stock as well as as individual contributions and material intensities are estimated. The developed database and method provides a solid first overview and spatial analysis of the stock accumulation patterns in Odense and allows for future dynamic material stock studies to be built on the current study.

Collaboration Partners:

Odense Municipality
VandCenter Syd

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