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About us

The small animal imaging core facility is a collaboration between SDU and Department of Nuclear Medicine at OUH. It has existed since 2011 where our Siemens Inveon SPECT/CT and PET systems were installed.

We specialize in in vivo translational imaging, from cancer theragnostic to heart function and neuronal functional connectivity. As well as 4D image analysis and pharmacokinetic modelling.

Christina Baun is our dedicated radiographer and now PhD student, she is great with small animals and has excellent hands-on experience with the scanners.

Mikael Palner is head of the Core facility, he is a specialist in preclinical PET and SPECT imaging, image analysis and kinetic modelling.

We are located next to the animal facility in WP23.


Small Animal Imaging Core Facility

J.B. Winsløvparken 23

5000 Odense C

Tlf: 9399 0642


Last Updated 20.10.2023