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Completed projects

Fotograf Mette Krull

ReCoE project
This multidisciplinary project is part of a 5-year research program and the aim is to deliver solutions to reduce the Cost of Energy  in sustainable offshore wind power energy systems.

The “Landesforschungsförderung Hamburg” is funding the development of international research cooperation in the Baltic Sea region and promoting research in maritime logistics with the project “Maritime Load Dependent Lead Times: Lead Time and Eco-Efficient Lean Management in the Maritime Supply Chain (M-LDLT)”. Read more (Universität Hamburg webpage) 

This is an Interreg-project with aim of bringing eco-efficiency and digitalisation to maritime industry. 
SDU is, in collaboration with other partners, in charge of  the following responsibilities:

-  Study the possibilities of internal data utilisation on-board for enhancing vessel performance.
- Assess eco-inefficiencies and digitalisation potential in the DFDS stowage operations
- Design and pilot digital vessel performance optimisation tools at Lauritzen and Island ferries vessel contexts
 - Pilot big data based tools and test 3D scanning possibilities particularly in the DFDS stowage operations


Sustainable Beverage Supply Chain Design in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (MADE) (Project discontinued) 




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