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Smart Grid

The Center has a global perspective on innovation of smart energy solutions, as the Danish market by itself is too small to defray the expenses of their development. When addressing the global market, it is important to understand the influential factors in the development of publicly acceptable, economically feasible, and practical applicable smart energy solutions.


Public acceptance of smart energy solutions depends on cultural and political values. Economically feasibility is dictated by political framework conditions, and practically applicability depends on consumers’ readiness to change behaviors and habits. As these factors may differ from country to country, it is of outmost importance to understand the impact of these factors for the design of smart energy solutions that can be customized for different export markets. 


To develop the necessary understanding of the impact of influential factors, the Center’s researchers work closely together with consumers, utilities, technology companies, policy-makers, and research institutes at national and international level.

The focus of the Center is consistent with the vision that Denmark should be an innovative nation and contribute to increased innovation in Danish businesses as outlined by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. This will be applied through collaboration with businesses on research projects, industrial Ph.Ds as well as participation i relevant networks.



SDU Energy Informatics University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 20.01.2017