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Papers on nanooptics in the top ten

Two papers by researchers from the Institute of Technology and Innovation were so popular that they ended up in the top ten downloads on Optics Letters in November 2011.

Professor Sergey Bozhevolnyi and a number of his colleagues from the research group Nano-optics at the Institute of Technology and Innovation published two papers in the periodical Optics Letters in November.

The papers, Plasmonic black-hole: broadband omnidirectional absorber of gap surface plasmons and Long-range dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton waveguides operating at telecommunication wavelengths, were so popular that they ended up in the top ten downloads of November.

Special acknowledgement was given to the paper on black holes
One of the papers, which is on the extremely interesting topic of optical analogues of black hole, was also selected for highlights in Nature Photonics, the January 2012 issue.

Read more about the research group Nano-Optics.

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