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Smart Composites

The complex shaped zinc oxide tetrapods and their based hybrid/new nano-microstructures are excellent fillers candidates to engineer the properties of composite materials. Key publications in the direction of smart composites are as below:  

1. Self-reporting Mechanochromic Coating: A Glassfiber Reinforced Polymer Composite that Predicts Impact Induced Damage, Materials Horizons 7, 598-604 (2020).

2. Perfect Polymer Interlocking by Spherical Particles: Capillary Force Shapes Hierarchical Composite Undercuts, Nanoscale Horizons 4,947-952 (2019).

3. Crystalline Width and Mechanical Properties of Annealed 3D Carbon Foam Composites, Carbon 142, 60-67 (2019).

4. Stretchable CNTs-Ecoflex Composite as Variable Transmittance Skin for Ultrasensitive Strain Sensing, Advanced Materials Technologies 3, 1800248 (2018).

5. ZnO Tetrapods Materials for Functional Applications, Materials Today 21, 631-651 (2018).

6. Nanocarbon Reinforced Rubber Nanocomposites: Detailed Insights about Mechanical, Dynamical Mechanical Properties, Payne and Mullin Effects, nanomaterials 8, 945 (2018).

7. Nanostructured Fibrous Membranes with Rose Spike Like Architecture, Nano Letters 17, 6235-6240 (2017).

8. Light, Force and Heat: A Multi-Stimuli Composite that Reveals its Violent Past, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 38000-38007 (2017).

9. Carbon based Flexible 3D Nanocomposites: Fabrication and Electromechanical Investigations of Neat Aerographite and Aerographite-epoxy Composites under Compression, Carbon 111, 103-112 (2017).

10. Complex Shaped ZnO Nano- microstructures based Polymer Composites: Mechanical Stable and Environmentally Friendly Coatings for Potential Antifouling Applications, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 7114-7123 (2016).

11. Ultra-wide Bandwidth with Enhanced Microwave Absorption of Electroless Ni-P Coated Tetrapod-Shaped ZnO Nano- and Microstructures, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics 17, 22923-22933 (2015).

12. Study of Tetrapodal ZnO-PDMS Composites: A Comparison of Fillers Shapes in Stiffness and Hydrophobicity Improvements, PLoS ONE 9, e106991 (2014).

13. A Novel Concept for Self-Reporting Materials: Stress Sensitive Photoluminescence in ZnO Tetrapod Filled Elastomers, Advanced Materials 25, 1342-1347 (2013).

14. Joining the Un-Joinable: Adhesion Between Low Surface Energy Polymers Using Tetrapod ZnO Linkers, Advanced Materials 24, 5676-5680 (2012).

15. Crystal Growth Behaviour in Au-ZnO Nanocomposite under Different Annealing Environments and Photoswitchability, Journal of Applied Physics 112, 64308 (2012).

Last Updated 27.11.2020