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Ensuring climate change resilience

Aquatic chemical pollution

In collaboration with WaterCare Guard and Copenhagen Nanosystems, we are developing methods for portable detection of vinyl chloride in water samples. We have demonstrated that vinyl chloride can be detected in environmental samples by promoting a selective enzymatic reaction and monitoring the sample changes in refractive index.
Funding: Digitaliserings Boost


Pathogenic detection in underground waters

We are part of PAANEE, where in collaboration with Copenhagen Nanosystems and IIT Bombay, we are developing a method to detect e-coli in water samples.
Funding: Innovation Fund Denmark

Monitoring pollution in environmental waters

In collaboration with Feevale University, we have developed a method to pre-concentrate Human Adenovirus, BPA and other pollutants in water samples.
Funding: CAPES

Emerging pathogens in Arctic permafrost

In collaboration with McMaster University and Wilfried Laurier University, we will define possible methods for monitoring of emerging pathogens in the Arctic.
Funding: Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science

Last Updated 12.07.2023