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FAQ on electronic materials


1) What am I allowed to use access to electronic material for?

2) How do I search?

3) What do I do, if the access doesn't work? 

4) Contact

What am I allowed to use access to electronic material for?
You may print and download material to a reasonable extent and for your own use. Systematic download is not allowed.

You may use access for personal research and study use. This means that you are not allowed to use remote access in connection with a study job, work placement, etc. Your password is strictly personal and must never be given to anyone else.

All traffic related to access is logged both by both the data provider and the library.

Misuse will result in disciplinary sanctions.


How do I search?

Find a print journal: If you are looking for a particular printed journal, you can search the library's Catalogue.

Find an electronic journal: If you are looking for a particular electronic journal, you can search the library's Electronic journals.

Find an article: If you are looking for articles, then you can use Summon or the library's bibliographies, databases and journal databases, which you can find here.

Search by reference: If you have a reference and would like to know if the library has an electronic version, you can use Citation Linker. If we don't have the article online, you will be given the opportunity to make a request for it.


 What if the access doesn't work?

  • If you get the error 'The page can not be displayed', it could be due to firewall blockage on your PC or the network you are using. The port 2048 must be open for the remote access to work. If you're on a network outside the University your IT-department might need the following information in order to open for the above mentioned port:  /  /  /  /

  • The browser must accept cookies.
  • Delete temporary Internet files and cookies in the browser. Select Tools; Internet options; Delete files / Delete cookies.
  • If none of that works try changing browser or update to the newest version.
  • Change your password if:
    • It is under 12 characters.
    • It contains one of these characters: Space`´^¨:.€ÆØÅæøå?!§$


Ebook Central

If you continue to get the access logon page, clear your cache (you do that under Internet settings). Then close all open tabs and restart your browser.

For more information about e-books click here. 



Contact Office of Licensing at or telephone: 6550 2632.


Last Updated 06.03.2023