Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law

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About the Programme

International conflicts have changed fundamentally over the past two decades. To understand them and to manage them requires new skills, which is why we offer this new Master programme.

“NATO and its many partners have direct experience with a multitude of modern conflicts, and I observe a clear and growing demand for experts who are trained to assess complex security environments and help solve conflicts. I therefore welcome this new master programme and the effort to educate the kind of multidisciplinary and engaged experts that we need. I wish this programme the success that it deserves.”

Jamie Shea NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary-General, Emerging Security Challenges Division, Former Director of Policy Planning, NATO.

In the old days the understanding and management of conflicts built on a fairly clear division of labor between specialists – between diplomats, soldiers, and aid experts. Conflicts could be understood according to distinct phases, moving from peace to tension over war and stabilisation to renewed peace. For each phase a particular set of specialists went to work.

Today’s conflicts are multiple, complex, and volatile. They may last for more than a decade. Signs of progress are often deceptive, and outsiders involved in managing the conflict can experience war, development, and peace enforcement all in one day. It is what the military calls a three block war. To grasp it, and to help organisations prepare for it, experts must look beyond specialisations and be trained to understand and work with complex and conflict ridden environments.

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Programme Structure

This Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law will train this kind of expert. It will be experts who look to the international domain, who want to work with international issues, and who will want to help solve conflicts.

The programme will provide the experts with the skills to integrate a conflict’s political, juridical, and ethical dimensions in a comprehensive assessment that identifies the drivers of the conflict and what international organisations can do about them.

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