Aquatic Microbial and Molecular Ecology

Course Approach
Theoretical and practical training in biogeochemistry and molecular techniques with emphasis on the ecology of marine microbial systems.

The course includes 22 lectures, 2 excursions, 7 practical exercises (~ 50 hours in the laboratory) and theoretical discussions in study groups. To pass the course a report must be completed and approved by the teaching team.

Course Topics

  1. Prokaryote diversity, population dynamics and energetics.
  2. Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, iron, manganese, phosphorus biogeochemistry.
  3. Molecular techniques and bioinformatics.

August 19-31, 2018 (both days inclusive)

Canfield, D.E., Kristensen, E. & Thamdrup, B. (2005): Aquatic Geomicrobiology. Elsevier Academic Press, Amsterdam, and a laboratory compendium.

Teacher and contact persons
Ronnie N. Glud (
Alexander H. Treusch (
Bo Thamdrup (
Don E Canfield  (

Course fee
  ~1500 euro including accommodation and breakfast
  ~1000 euro excluding accommodation and breakfast
 (reduced fees for SDU students depending on requirement for accomodation and food).

Prices may be slightly adjusted depending on the final arrangements.

Preliminary course plan


AMME application form 
(the link is no longer active since the deadline for applying has expired)


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