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Who can be admittet?

To be admitted at Syddansk Elite, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be an elite athlete, coach or referee
  • You must be admitted to or apply for admission to SDU
  • Your time spent on training, competitions and other sports related obligations should be not less than 20 hours per week during the competition season

Elite level for football, handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and ice hockey

In order to be admitted, applicants in football, handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball and ice hockey must as a minimum practice their sports at the highest national level.  

Football players in the second-best national league with a part-time or full-time professional contract and at least three weekly mandatory training sessions during the day (08.00-17.00) can also be admitted.

Elite level for other sports

In other sports, applicants must, in generel, compete with the national team or on a high international level. Sports athletes at a lower level can be admitted if they have been on the youth national team at the highest level within the past two years. 

Are you elite enough? 

It can be difficult to estimate your own level based on the above criteria. Therefore, we recommend that you apply if in doubt. All applications are assessed individually. 

You can find the application form here


Last Updated 03.04.2024