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Social Studies, major (Master)

This programme gives you the chance to create your own academic profile. Social Studies must be combined with a minor - i.e. another university programme from the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences (e.g. Business Economics), Humanities (e.g. History or English) or Science (e.g. Mathematics or Biology).

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  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in Danish

Social Studies includes two compulsory courses in economics and at least two elective courses within political science, while the third elective can be selected from another Business and Social Science programme or from a humanities programme.

In the elective courses you work independently and in depth with the concepts, methods and theories within the disciplines that interest you. The master’s thesis must be written within the field of Business and Social Sciences. 

You can choose to take a course abroad or take an internship. 

You can create your own academic profile by the elective courses and the minor you choose, which opens up for a wide range of career opportunities. Some Masters in Social Studies have teaching jobs in upper secondary schools, folk high schools and learning institutions of higher education. Others find employment in the public sector, in Danish and international organisations, in consulting companies or in the media.