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In the Master’s programme in clinical nursing, you will have the opportunity to work with patient, next-of-kin and nurse roles and competences as well as with key concepts such as health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and palliation, user-driven innovation and technology related to clinical nursing.

Patient-related issues and user perspectives have a central place in the programme. Different approaches and perspectives will be applied to analysis of various aspects of clinical nursing.

Strong academic profile

The Master’s programme in clinical nursing (Master of Science in Nursing) integrates this with a strong academic profile in scientific methodologies. You acquire specific knowledge, new skills and competences. All tools you need for quality development, evidence-basing, development and management of project in clinical nursing practice or which can be used generally in positions in the healthcare sector


Why study Nursing?

  • You acquire broad insight into clinical nursing through the three tracks: social sciences, research methodology and nursing science.
  • The Master’s programme in clinical nursing qualifies you for employment in the state, regions, municipalities, hospitals as well as educational institutions and private organisations such as patient associations and private companies.