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About the master’s degree programme in Clinical Nursing

The master’s degree programme in Clinical Nursing strengthens your professionalism as a nurse and your skills in working with patients, next of kin and colleagues.

You will have the opportunity to work with health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and palliation, as well as user-driven innovation and technology related to clinical nursing.

Patient-related issues and user perspectives have a central place in the programme. Different approaches and perspectives will be applied to analysis of various aspects of clinical nursing.

The programme also features a strong academic profile with a focus on scientific methods, which gives you all the tools you need to develop, improve and manage projects in clinical nursing practice on an evidence-based basis.

The skills and knowledge you gain with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nursing can also be applied in other positions within the healthcare field.

The programme is also available as a master’s programme for working professionals

If you are working and would like to study part-time, then a master’s programme for working professionals might be ideal for you. Read more about the master’s programme in Clinical Nursing for working professionals here.

Why study Nursing?

You acquire broad insight into clinical nursing through:

  • A social sciences track.
  • A research methodology track.
  • A nursing science track.

You will gain an academic profile with the tools and skills to:

  • Contribute at a scientific level and leave your mark on developments in practice.
  • Get research out of practice and back and improve practice.
  • Involve knowledge and techniques that can create a sound framework in practice.