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Short introduction

Do you want to become a state certified accountant?

The programme is also the only career path if you seek to become a state-authorised accountant. To qualify for authorisation, you must have at least three years of practical work experience with a state-authorised accounting firm. At least two of these years must be completed after graduation from the MSc programme in Business Economics and Auditin

The programme revolves around four key academic areas: auditing, accounting, business law and tax law. These courses comprise the key subjects of the programme. In addition, you have the option of choosing electives, which are typically auditing courses, but you can also choose business economics courses. Your studies will provide you with sound knowledge and future-oriented methods which together prepare you for working as an accountant/auditor, with particular focus on corporate controls and risk assessments. 

Studying and working at the same time
The courses can be flexibly planned so that you can study while you are employed by an accounting firm or other entity in the private or public sector.

If you are admitted with a BSc in accounting or finance, you can incorporate the required 20 ECTS credits in business economics supplementary courses into your programme. The only requirement is that you must have passed these courses before you sit an examination in your electives. 

In addition to providing the career path to chartered or state-authorised accountancy, the programme also qualifies you for a wide variety of other career options. For instance, you can become a consultant, comptroller or CFO. Many accountants find employment with public-sector enterprises.

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