BA negot, BA Int. and BA in Market and Management Anthrpology


The following bachelor degrees give access to the master programme provided specific subjects within economics and business administration are included in the bachelor programme in a given number of ECTS. In case specific requirements for a given bachelor programme are stipulated, these can be met through electives or elective modules during the given undergraduate programme. If this is not possible, the condition for access to the master programme must be met by supplementary studies after admission or supplementary examinations in the required element in connection with the study start period.

Bachelor degree



Requirement of specific course content 

Clarification and Explanation

BA negot.
(German, English, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese)

Accounting, 5 ECTS


Finance 5 ECTS

BA negot.
(Int. Turism and Leisuremanagement and Hotelmanagement)

Accounting, 5 ECTS

Additional methods for analysis of data: Courses in the group “Advanced Quantitative Analyses” on the 4th semester on BSc in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark may be used as elective.

Finance, 5 ECTS

Additional methods for analysis of data, 5 ECTS

International Business Administration and Modern Languages (BA. Int)

Marketing, 5 ECTS

Elective course ”International Marketing Management” fulfills the requirement

Finance, 5 ECTS)

Nov. 2016: The  Course “Investment and Finance”, 5 ECTS fulfills the


Market and Management Anthropology

Microeconomics, 5 ECTS


Finance, 5 ECTS

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