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MA in Journalism (Cand.mag.)

You can apply for the master's degree in Journalism if you have a bachelor's degree or a profession-specific education within another area than journalism. The programme’s academic structure helps ensure that students continue to develop their original profession, while at the same time builds and strengthens the journalistic craft.

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in Danish

Short introduction

By putting a journalistic professionalism on the specialist knowledge, which the students already have in advance, the graduate programme in journalism prepares expert journalists for the future. It is this type of journalists the news industry needs - and the public too. It is an interesting programme which comes at a time where the media are in the midst of transition.

The programme will have a journalistic and production related focus. In this way the students will become expert journalists, rather than communications employees.

Please visit the Danish version, if you want to find more information.