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Medicine Students

Clinical rotations

In close collaboration with Odense University Hospital, the Faculty of Health Sciences offers clinical rotations in various disciplines. Students cannot be guaranteed a placement in Odense and might be placed in one of the affiliated teaching hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark. The number of places vary from semester to semester depending on capacity.

Disciplines: Neurology, ENT, Surgery, Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular Surgery, Anesthesiology

Length: 4 weeks and 2 weeks. The clinical rotations can be combined to a maximum of 8-12 weeks depending on capacity and availability.

All clinical rotations are organized through the Faculty of Health Sciences, and students apply to SDU as regular exchange students. The application process is described here. Kindly state your clinic wishes and preferred dates in your application.

Nordplus Medicine: To nominate students through the Nordplus Medicine network, please contact SDU International. Find application deadlines here.

Exam: The examination is a portfolio assessment (pass/fail) based on 11 learning objectives for clinical training. The student is assessed on an ongoing basis during the clinical placement.

Courses: The BSc and MSc Medicine study programmes are taught entirely in Danish. See language requirements here.
The 5 ECTS course Global Health & Research is offered in English. It runs on both the Autumn and Spring semesters in the first three weeks.

SDU does not have an international semester. Master students from the Nordic countries and students who live up to the Danish language requirements can apply as exchange students for any courses as long as they live up to any academic prerequisites.

Reproductive Health-semester: The 10th semester focuses on Gynecology-Obstetrics and Pediatrics and consists of: Surgery placement 4 weeks (8 ECTS, Gyn-Obs). Medical placement 4 weeks (8 ECTS, various disciplines), Kvinde, mor og barn (13 ECTS), Global sundhed og forebyggelse (2 ECTS)

If you have any questions, please contact the international coordinator at

Last Updated 01.04.2022