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General entry requirements – the Faculty of Humanities

General information about courses at the Faculty of Humanities

Courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities are generally offered at either bachelor or master level. Some courses are offered for both master and bachelor students.

As an exchange or guest student you must be in your fourth year of studies to take the courses offered at master level. If you are in your second or third year of studies, you can choose the courses that are offered at bachelor level.

As an exchange or guest students, you are also welcome to choose courses offered in German. Be aware that to study German at university level, you must already have studied these languages 3 years or more.

Entry Requirements

Required Enclosures to an Application

  • Grade transcripts and a list of completed courses taken at university level. If you have taken courses at more than one institution at university level, you must enclose grade transcripts from them all
  • Documentation of sufficient English skills
  • Only exchange students: documentation that your home university is sending you as an exchange student

Last Updated 15.02.2022