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What is uniTEST?

uniTEST is part of the admission test in quota 2 for all SDU’s programmes except Journalism. In 2023, the test will be held at SDU's campuses during the weekend of 15-16 April. 

To apply for admission to quota 2, you must submit your application no later than 15 March at 12.00 noon at

Sign up for uniTEST before 20 March at 12 noon

When SDU has received your application from, we will send you login details to SDU’s self-service page at Here, you can keep track of your application and sign up for uniTEST. 

Immediately after registration, your exact date and meeting time will appear on the page.

Get ready to participate

Once you have signed up for uniTEST, you must go through the following steps and information:

Before the day of the test

Before the test you must download the Exam Monitor app. 

Download from

In order to take the tast you will need a laptop that meets the following minimum requirements: 

  • Windows 10 / Mac OS Big Sur or newer
  • Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari installed
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM

You cannot use a tablet, Chromebook or smartphone, and connection of external monitors is not allowed.

IT support will be available before, during and after the test to provide assistance in the event of any IT issues in relation to uniTEST.

On the day of the test

You must remember to bring: 

  • Photo ID (passport, driving licence, etc.)
  • Username and PIN for the test (both are listed under 'MY INFO' at
  • Your computer, charger and an extension cord

The following items are also allowed during the test:

  • Beverages
  • Something to eat, such as a snack
  • Pencil/pen
  • Blank paper for notes

The following items are not allowed during the test:

  • Headphones, mobile, smartwatch, camera or other electronic devices than your computer
  • External monitors 
  • Dictionaries, neither in book form nor online/offline format
  • Calculator 
  • Large packed lunch 
  • Pencil case 
  • Paper notebook or other aids 

On the day of the test, you must report at SDU early. See your meeting time and address at under 'MY INFO'. 

You will arrive and be registered at the main entrance. Feel free to have your phone at hand so you can easily check in and access your information at

Then proceed to your test room. There will be signposts and staff to help and guide you. 

The doors to the test room close 30 minutes before the test begins. The exam supervisor in the test room will start the test. The actual test takes 2 ½ hours.

Please note: Your time slot is binding and cannot be exchanged. We recommend that you set aside the whole day for the test, transport, etc. 

Facts about uniTEST

  • Multiple choice test         
  • 95 questions in 2,5 hours
  • Held on April 15-16 at SDU

Participation from abroad

International applicants with a foreign degree and permanent residence abroad can participate online. Learn more here.

FAQ with practical information

Need help?

If you have any questions about your admission, the uniTEST weekend or your application, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bachelor admission office at SDU by email or at (+45) 65 50 10 51.

If you are in doubt whether your IT equipment meets the technical requirements for the test, please contact or call (+45) 65 50 29 90.

Terms and conditions

If you experience any issues during the test 

For example, if you have technical issues with your computer or the test, or you experience other things that disturb you in a way that prevents you from or delays your answering the questions, you must make your uniTEST supervisor aware of this as soon as possible. 

If you subsequently believe that you have experienced conditions during the test which give rise to concern – or you would like to complain about any conditions to which you have not reported on the same day – please write to

Please contact us no later than 14 days after you have completed the uniTEST, so that we can process your inquiry. 

Technical requirements 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer meets the technical requirements. You are responsible for checking that your computer's setup and Internet connection are compatible with remote proctoring. 

Test security 

The University of Southern Denmark is obliged to ensure the quality of admission. This includes ensuring the applicant has obtained the uniTEST result correctly. Therefore, SDU will inspect that the applicant has not received any unlawful help during the test. 

Given that uniTEST is a multiple-choice questionnaire with only one correct answer per question, without the possibility of providing supplementary comments, it is crucial that the applicant has no option of communicating with others during the test. 

No personal information is processed unless the applicant, by choice or accident, shares information on the web camera, verbally or on-screen. SDU registers personal data in accordance with the general data protection regulation, specifically paragraph 6, sub-section 1. 


If you cheat, you risk never being allowed to study at SDU. At worst, you could get permanently expelled from university – even if you have not been enrolled at the university before. 

Your actions will be considered as cheating if you: 

  • Attempt to circumvent, disable or otherwise obstruct the purpose of the University's use of electronic proctoring programs 
  • Fail to disclose 
  • Are misleading about your own efforts or results 
  • Take part in unauthorised collaborations 
  • Receive help during the test or help others 
  • Wrongfully have prior knowledge of the test 
  • Provide incorrect attendance information. 

Criminal circumstances 

SDU would like to point out that the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is the copyright owner of uniTEST. According to their rules, it is deemed criminal if you copy or share content from the uniTEST. Copyright infringement in any way will be punished under copyright law. 

Suspicion of document forgery and identity fraud will be reported to the police and may be punished under the rules of the criminal code.

Last Updated 06.02.2023