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Special test conditions for the entrance examination

What are special test conditions?

You can apply for additional time for uniTEST and any other written tests that are part of the admission process. In case of dyslexia, you may also be allowed the use of personal IT aids. 

How to apply for special conditions

After having submitted your application for admission via, you will receive access to SDU's admission portal, Here, you must confirm by March 21, 12 noon, that you will be participating in uniTEST and the following programme specific tests. When doing this, it is possible to state that you wish to apply for special test conditions. 

You must upload relevant documentation as proof of your dyslexia, dyscalculia, or mental/physical disability. In addition, you must upload an account of your challenges and needs in the test situation. 

Examples of documentation:
  • Medical certificate or medical record from
  • Dyslexia test Specialist statement eg in connection with testing of dyslexia, number blindness or physical/mental disabilities
  • Statement from a psychologist or psychiatrist
Describe any specific needs

UniTEST is monitored by an online supervisor. We must inform the supervisor in advance of any special conditions approved in your case. Therefore, it is very important that you describe any specific needs in detail. 

  • If you are challenged by muscle disease, you may need to stand up during the test
  • In case of diabetes, you may need a pause during the test to take insulin
  • In case of impaired sight and the need to use special software, you must list what specific software is needed

Await an answer to your application

You will receive an answer to your application for special test conditions at Along with the answer, you will receive information on how to book the test date.

Important: You are not allowed to participate in or book a test date for uniTEST before you receive a written answer to your application for special test conditions. If you participate in uniTEST before receiving the answer, you will not be awarded special test conditions.  

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  • Admission (Bachelor's programmes) University of Southern Denmark
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  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 1051

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