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International Baccalaureate (IB)

 The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) must be passed with a minimum of 24 points before a diploma can be issued.

If the examination was passed with fewer points, a certificate will be issued. The certificate is not accepted as a qualification for admission to further and higher education in Denmark.

Giving SDU access to your Diploma/Course Results  via "Request for Results Service" and your IB Coordinator.  The school code for SDU is 000157.


An applicant with a Certificate / Diploma Programme (DP) Course Result of at least 18 points, is able to get admitted to a professional Bachelor's degree via quota 1 and 2. Admittance can solely take place if all 6 IB courses are passed with a minimum grade of 3 (IB grade 3 = Danish grade 02). At SDU, all Bachelor's in Engineering programmes (Diplomingeniøruddannelser) are professional bachelor's programmes.

To apply for admission to a Bachelor's or a Civil Engineering programme with a Certificate /DP Course Result, it can solely give access to an academic bachelor degree via quota 1 and 2, if you get your IB Diploma via a retake or if you take at least 2 supplementary courses at upper secondary level). It must be at least one A-level course - i.e. high level, and one B-level course - i.e. intermediate level. Courses at C-level - i.e. basic level, will not be a part of the assessment. Check out the rules and regulations(in Danish only).

Pass requirements and academic levels

The average obtained from the IB is converted to the 7-point grading scale in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science

There are grade requirements and specific admission requirements to programmes at the University of Southern Denmark.

To be assessed for admission to quota 1, you must have obtained a certain grade point average on your qualifying examination when it is converted to the Danish grade scale.

The specific entry requirements mean, that you must have certain levels in several of high school subjects. You have to meet them whether you are applying for admission to quota 1 or quota 2.

I.e. you must have achieved certain levels in a number of upper secondary school subjects. Tables drawn up by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation show, whether subjects taken in an IB correspond to the required academic levels.

The university has adopted the conversion system for specific entry requirements shown below.

Danish A

- Danish A1 HL/SL, Danish B HL, Danish A Literature HL/SL

Danish B

- Danish B SL

English A

- English A1, A2, B all on HL, English A1, A2 both
on SL, A Lit. HL/SL, A Lit. and Lang. HL/SL

English B

- English B SL

Mathematics A

- Mathematics HL

Mathematics B

- Mathematics SL, Mathematical Methods S


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