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Health inequalities

Despite our welfare state, there are marked inequalities in health that do not need to exist. For example, the most disadvantaged live on average ten years less than those with the best financial and educational situation. We also see that preventive interventions most often have the greatest effect among those with the best financial and educational situation. The NIPH has experience in research in health inequalities, using academic, subject-based and method-based approaches. And in the coming years, we will continue to work on developing effective prevention efforts that will benefit the most disadvantaged. This is done to ensure more equality and balance in relation to health.

Our goals

  • We will contribute to a better theoretical understanding of inequality in health in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms.
  • We will develop preventive efforts that help reduce inequality in health.
  • We will carry out research into the significance of structural changes in society for inequality in health.
  • We will contribute to the development of new and better measurement methods of inequality in health.
Health Inequalities Research

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Last Updated 19.10.2023