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The NIPH is a leader in alcohol research in Denmark, and there is a need for our knowledge.

Alcohol is the third largest risk for morbidity and mortality. In total, 20 per cent of the adult population consumes alcohol to a harmful level, and in Europe, Denmark has the largest share of young people who have been drunk in the past year. High alcohol consumption is not only harmful to the individual, but also to the family and society as a whole. Only 10 per cent of those addicted to alcohol receive publicly funded alcohol treatment, and alcohol plays a major role in social inequality in health. Research into binge drinking in young people, heavy drinking in adults and how we get more alcohol addicts into treatment earlier will continue to be the main elements of our activities in this area.

Our goals

  • We will monitor the alcohol consumption of the Danish people.
  • We will carry out research into the harmful effects and social consequences of alcohol.
  • We will develop methods for early detection.
  • We will develop measures for prevention.
  • We will develop treatment for alcohol problems.
Alcohol Research

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Last Updated 19.10.2023